Like the other Highwood products, this Whisky emphasized smoothness with wheat as its base grain. This is neither good, nor bad, it is just a style.

If you want zip and power, you use more rye, If you want more sweet, you use more corn. Nothing beats barley for fruit and lightness.

But if you are looking for a savory easy-drinker, then wheat emphasis is what you are looking for. And that is what you get with Highwood products. Most reviewers find a nice, coating, mouth-feel with good viscosity.

There is a bit of spice and butterscotch on the nose, and more of the same on the palate. The smoothness carries through into the finish which trails long and soft at the same time. 
Highwood Flavor Spiraltm
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The distillery was founded under the name “Sunnyvale Distillery.” The name was changed to "Highwood" ten years later, named after a local river.


Highwood was founded in 1974, and remains one of the largest independent distilleries in Canada, producing a wide range of products. Rapid growth in their consumer-friendly beverages allowed them to expand quickly.

In 2005, Highwood acquired the distillery and brands of Cascadia Distillery — located to the west of them, in the mountains. Highwood Distillery is a mid-tier distillery nestled up against the Rocky Mountains in western Alberta, Canada.

Being an independent, getting accurate productions numbers is problematic at best. But the visitor center has stated in the past that they produce upwards of 300,000 cases of distilled spirits per year. Given the size of the facility and stills, this seems a reasonable estimate.

Most of the production goes into Vodkas and premixed Vodka cocktails (75%). The balance is used to make Canadian-style Whiskey (20%) and Rum (5%). 
Distillery info:
  • Country Canada
  • Established 1974
  • Owner Highwood Distillers Ltd.
  • Status Active
  • Address 114 - 10th Avenue S.E., High River, Alberta T1V 1M7
  • Phone +1 403-652-3202
  • Websitehttp://www.highwood-distillers.com
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