Highland Park 1976 Orcadian Vintage Series

Highland Park 1976 Orcadian Vintage Series

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Exclusive Vintage Scotch Honoring Viking Ancestry

When you reach the northernmost point of the Scottish mainland, go even further and you’ll see the islands of Orkney – all seventy of them. On one of them, a son of Vikings started an illegal Whisky trade in 1798 and when Europe was bothered by Napoleon, Magnus Euson built a booze empire. On the very spot where Magnus had his tills, now stands a proud distillery called Highland Park. They produce premium Scotch that honors their horn-helmet ancestors and pushes the borders of swankiness. Four creative craftsmen capture the essence of the wind-battered North into amber drops, and we’re here to applaud.

This extremely rare expression is the fifth release in the exceptional Orcadian Vintages range. Put into American oak barrels the year Rocky came out, and left there until 2011, this is a real deal vintage. Back then, peating levels were a bit more random than nowadays, and the place where barley was dried is very windy, which lends unique seasonality to this Scotch. It’s a premium bottle with a fruity character and the unmistakable heather note hiding in every Highland Park flask. Do note that this ritzy time capsule comes in only 893 bottles.

Flavor Spiral™

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Whisky or Whiskey? The spelling differs geographically. In Scotland and some other parts of the world distilleries usually spell it Whisky; in Ireland and USA they spell it Whiskey.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Light gold

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Fruity and light aromas of melon, heather, papaya, peach, honey and mango

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Playfully light notes of smoke with honey, fruit and floral flavors on the palate

Medium finish with honey notes and an echo of barrel spiciness
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