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Highland Park, the Summer Scotch

Shaped by extraordinary elements, Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the perfect way to infuse the season with a Golden Hour hue and make Scotch your new favorite Summer drink.

A Taste-ament to
Natural Elements

With the raw Orkney climate shaping every droplet of their Whisky into a wild harmony of flavors, Highland Park knows a thing or two about the magic of nature’s elements.

Be it a hot afternoon or a chilly night, the Whisky’s vibrant citrus, honey, and floral notes, complemented by a gentle heather peat smoke, make for a chill-icious Summer sipper & cocktail base.

Orkney Expressions

Find one that vibes with your Summer.

Highland Park 12 Year Old

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Highland Park 18 Year Old

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Summer Scotch Cocktails

Designed to perfectly complement the seasonal elements.

Strum Up an Unforgettable Day on Your Patio

Grab that vintage Gibson J-45 and get your friends vibing to the notes of ripe cherries, bittersweet cocoa, honeycomb, candied orange peel, salty sea-spray, and the aromatic heather peat with Orkney’s most highly-awarded Single Malt Whisky, Highland Park 18 Year Old. Served over ice, of course.

Toast to Marshmallows & Neat Memories

Enjoy a night with bonfire-roasted marshmallows and Highland Park 12 Year Old, served neat. With heather-rich peat, sun-kissed Seville oranges and rich spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, this Whisky will pair perfectly with those cherished moments by the fire.

Stargaze New Flavorful Constellations

Enjoy evenings of flavorful exploration with Highland Park’s Summer Scotch cocktails. Gaze upwards, sip back, and share a moment of discovery with your loved one as you savor the vastness of flavors unfolding in each concoction.

Highland Park, Crafted by the Elements

Highland Park, Crafted by the Elements

Since 1798, the Orkney elements have been used to craft award-winning Whisky at Highland Park in Kirkwall. Raw and untamed.

Here, unrelenting winds make for unbelievable Whiskies. Reaching speeds of over 100mph, the Orkney moorland peat is woodless but rich in fragrant heather, which produces the unique aromatic smokiness of the Highland Park Whisky.

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