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Burns night 2023

Calling all poets and Whisky lovers! Show us how versed you are in verse by writing your very own ode to Scotch.

Join our traditional Burns Night celebration of Whisky and poetry with Highland Park - you just might win something!

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that merry night

Our Tradition

The great Scottish poet, Robert Burns, was famous for his love of poetry — and Scotch Whisky. His masterworks included the classic New Year's Eve song "Auld Lang Syne" as well as (unsurprisingly) the poem "Scotch Drink," a spectacularly Scottish ode to his favorite libation.

Every January 25th, the Scots celebrate Burns Night with a grand feast and a delicious dram of Scotch to honor the Bard and Scotland herself.

This year at Flaviar, we’re teaming up with Highland Park, the iconic Orkney Scotch Whisky, to host a poetry contest in tribute to the spirit we all know and love. Sláinte!

the water of life

Highland Park
12 Year Old

There’s no better muse than a delicious dram of Whisky to sip and savor as you pen your love letter to the spirit of life.

Highland Park 12 Year Old is the ultimate feasting spirit and the perfect inspiration for all your rhyming needs. This delectable expression is renowned for its unique notes of heather honey, spiced dried fruits and peat smoke.

Such an award-winning Whisky will undoubtedly spark your lyrical spirit to jot down an equally award-winning poem!

let other poets raise a fracas

Write a Prized Verse

Think you can out-write Robert? Grab your quill, pen a poem about Whisky, and be in the running to win some Flaviar x Highland Park loot!

Step ONE

Let the spirit of Scotch unleash your inner poet.

Step TWO

Submit your poem below or share it on social media, tagging Flaviar.

Step three

The best three bards shall win a fantastic prize!


Rabbie’s Trophies

Here’s what your lyrical prowess might bag you... #contest

1st Prize

The top bard will become a Flaviar Member for a year and get exclusive Flaviar x Highland Park merch.

2nd Prize

The second-best poem gets you six months of Flaviar Membership and an exclusive branded hip flask.

3rd Prize

If you’re third, we’ll help you make your Scotch to-go with a Club-only Flaviar x Highland Park hip flask.

We’ll announce the winners in the February 8 episode of Fix Me a Drink, our podcast with David Wondrich & Noah Rothbaum.

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there thou shines chief

Highland Park Distillery

Unquestionably remote, Highland Park is the northernmost distillery of Scotland and sits on the Orkney islands. The conditions are tough for making a living, but perfect for making Whisky. Pounded relentlessly by winds reaching over 100 mph, no tree can survive such an onslaught. It means that its moorland peat is woodless but rich in fragrant heather, a vital ingredient in producing the award-winning spirit Highland Park is known for.

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Credit: Kendra Towns