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Highclere Castle Gin
Highclere Castle Gin
The most perfect gin in the world! Super smooth and full of citrus notes. Delight finish. I enjoy Highclere Castle Gin simply over ice. So refreshing and proud to share this secret with my friends.
Highclere Castle Gin
I am a gin drinker who has tried many and been disappointed by more than one. Bought this because of the Highclere Castle connection and had low expectations. Wow, was I surprised!! One of my favorites now. Great in Martini's or on the rocks and you have to try a Highclere Gin and Tonic. Superb!
Highclere Castle Gin
Unbelievable smooth with a very nice finish. We've gone through a lot of gin and this quickly became favorite so much so we asked local stores to carry it.
Highclere Castle Gin
I am a Gin Snob....Have worshipped at the Hendrick's altar for years , ventured into other distilleries from time to time , and only recently discovered Highclere. It is now my all-time favorite ! Love the subtle botanicals , floral finish , smoothness and quality. And no-one can miss the cool bottle ! Have to admit to a certain bias....we have enjoyed a private tour of Highclere Castle , led by none other than the Countess of Carnarvon herself !!! And one highlight was strolling the superb gardens , planted throughout with botanicals galore . Indeed , we may have brushed against the very bushes.... Love it. Peter
Highclere Castle Gin
Smooth with a lovely floral finish . Subtle botanical s . Goes very well with tonic. I wouldn't disturb the balance by adding a wedge of lime.
Highclere Castle Gin
Excellent botanical notes on the front end an in the nose. Strong alcohol middle but a pleasant lingering finish. Passable for sipping; should make excellent cocktails.
Highclere Castle Gin
Great taste, very aromatic