High Wire Distilling Co.

High Wire Distilling Co. transforms the finest ingredients available into quality small batch Spirits, using a creative, culinary approach to their recipes.

Their current range includes their Hat Trick Extraordinarily Fine Botanical Gin, a bright and flavorful, well-balanced Spirit made with crushed juniper berries and fresh citrus peel.

High Wire's Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin is their original Hat Trick Gin rested in virgin barrels for six months. The result is a complex, full-bodied sipping Gin.

Their Southern Revival Brand Sorghum Whiskey is distilled from sorghum grown on a Mennonite farm in central Tennessee.

Incredibly smooth with a long finish this Whiskey is made with 75% ancient Italian Abruzzi, an heirloom grain from the Carolinas for centuries prized for its hardy nature and distinctively nutty flavors.

Heirloom white corn completes the blend, adding a touch of sweetness to compliment the boldness of the rye.

Their Amaro Liqueur is a Southern twist on an Italian classic, a signature amaro handcrafted from regionally grown and foraged ingredients including Charleston black tea, yaupon holly, Dancy tangerine, and mint. A perfect digestif.

High Wire Hometown Vodka is remarkably smooth with a touch of sweetness, distilled from 100% corn over 7 times. Perfect for a martini or your favorite tonic.

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High Wire Distilling Co.