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Spiral High West Campfire Whiskey
High West
Campfire Whiskey
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Colour
Golden amber.

Smell / Nose / Aroma
Honey, Rye spice, leather, tobacco, pine resin, and a whiff of peat smoke.

Flavour / Taste / Palate 
Rye and Bourbon influence at the beginning, smoke and peat comes later. Honey, blueberries, toffee.
Long, sweet and peaty/smoky.
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Bourbon, Rye Whisky and Scotch. A Flavour Explosion.

High West distillery is a manufacturer and blender of spirits, located in Park City, Utah, hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 2007 by David Perkins, this petite distillery makes its spirits in small batches and is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of the American Prohibition. Most of their spirits are sourced and blended, although they do distil some of their spirits themselves.

The High West Campfire is one of the most bizarre and unique Whiskies you will ever taste. It was crafted in the mind of David Perkins in a certain Scotch distillery, where he tasted a dessert of ripe honeydew drizzled with peated syrup. That made his mind go numb with excitement and he thought,  why not mix sweet Bourbon and peat?!

And so, they did. The Campfire is a blend of a 6 year old Bourbon, 5.5 year old Rye Whiskey and an 8 year old peated Scotch from the Scottish mainland. Now that's what we call transatlantic flavour cooperation. One second you taste the smoke and peat of the Scotch, when all of a sudden the peppery spice of the Rye bursts through and then they're both tempered by the sweetness of the Bourbon. It blows thy senses.

  • Style
    Blended Whiskey
  • Region
  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    High West Distillery
  • Bottler
    High West Distillery

High West

Campfire Whiskey

(0.7l, 46%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of High West Campfire Whiskey
This is the whiskey that inspired me to taste, explore, and enjoy the many new American varieties. The smokiness is absolutely wonderful. So many other great flavors. This is a real treasure.
Great whisky, definitely has that campfire smoky flavor, and very unique blending of spirits. It's got some bite, but it's great with a cube.
A smoky punch in the face, oily mouthfeel, fairly spicy for containing bourbon and scotch. Opens up nicely with a little water.
I love it, has some rye spiciness, bourbon sweetness, and a campfire smoke opposed to a peat smoke.
Smoky like a campfire as the name implies
Smoke, and pepper, balanced well with some sweetness.
Amazing complexity. Each of the 3 whiskeys are represented well.
Bitter.. Not smooth
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