Herman Jansen

Herman Jansen is a brand from the Dutch distillery of the same name. The range includes Gin and Liqueur.
Herman Jansen Flavor Spiraltm
  • exotic fruit
  • sweet
  • spicy
  • dry
  • dates
  • vanilla
  • orange peel
  • herbs
  • juniper berries
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Herman Jansen Distillery
Even if Herman Jansen produces concentrates for other companies, the final distillation and bottling takes place under its supervision, to ensure that the highest quality remains.


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The Herman Jansen Distillery has been producing Spirits and Liqueurs since 1777. What started as a family company producing Dutch Genever, has grown to become a producer and distributor of Cognacs, Whiskies, Vodkas, traditional Liqueurs (and of course, more Genevers) in over 50 markets.

Today, the sixth generation of the Jansen family runs the company. In the case of Herman Jansen, the ‘Distillery’ is really a collective term for all of the different parts of the business; the head office is located adjacent to the main distillery, but the Notaris brand of Genevers is distilled on a different site in the same town.

Everything is bottled off site at Avandis – Europe’s largest bottling plant. As well as producing its own brands, Herman Jansen distils Spirits and liqueurs for other companies, as well as syrups and distillates which are then ‘finished’ elsewhere.
Distillery info:
  • Country Netherlands
  • Established 1777
  • Owner UTO Nederland BV
  • Visitor center No
  • Status Active
  • Address Zijlstraat 56, Schiedam, 3111 PS, Netherlands
  • Phone +31 (0) 104091000
  • Websitehttp://hermanjansen.com/en/
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