Hartfield & Co.

Founded by Andrew and Larissa Buchanan, Hartfield & Co. is named after a branch of Andrew’s family that dates all the way back to 1700s Germany. Hartfield & Co. juice is made in small batches.

Their Bourbon Whiskey is made from 62% Corn, 19% Rye, 19% Malted Barley. Created from a mash bill of 19% malted barley, far greater than the traditional 5-7% of most Bourbons.

This drastic increase delivers smoke, leather and deep tobacco notes, deep flavors of stone fruits and a strong finish of Scotch Whiskey.

Following in the American tradition, their signature American Whiskey has traditional notes of tobacco, caramel, butterscotch followed by a touch of smoke, sweetness and spice.

Their White Whiskey delivers subtle grassy notes, sweet corn, and subtle hints of the smoke from malted barley.

They also carry a smooth and flavorful White Rum, with molasses delivering an earthy, funky vibe, as well as a light and airy Aged Rum.
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Hartfield & Co.