Hanyu Golden Horse Musashi Pure Malt (Tasting sample)

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Member Reviews and Ratings of Hanyu Golden Horse Musashi Pure Malt (Tasting sample)
It is a very good, Japanese Whisky bottled under the name Chichibu Golden Horse, both this & it's 12 year old counterpart predate the distilleries whisky production by a considerable length of time. Distilled by Toa Shuzo Co Ltd, who procured the Hanyu distillery in 2004. This bottle is a return of the traditional Golden Horse whisky, named after Musashi, the famous Samurai warrior in a nod to their own revival of this legendary whisky. It has a fresh birth with notes of lemongrass, followed by floral hints. Gradually develops into dried floral hints & honey. Its' life is filled with rich notes of malt, hints with honey & lemon hard candy. While its' death is sweet & spicy with hints of jasmine tea.
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