Hammer & Sickle Vodka

Hammer&Sickle Hammer & Sickle Vodka

(1l, 41%)

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The day Russia changed forever

The October Revolution, 1917. In Petrograd, Bolshevik troops brought down the Tsar and control over the country was given to the people. Hammer – the industrial workers from the north, and Sickle – the farmers from the south. 
Russia's vast farmland and its people play an important role in the story of Hammer + Sickle Vodka. It's made from winter wheat, grown in the Black Earth Region, one of the most fertile corners of the Earth. It was named after chernozem, a dark and extremely rich soil.
Every spring the wheat crop that withstood a harsh winter is brought to Klin near Moscow, where it gets distilled and filtered six times before this essence of Russia is bottled as the Hammer + Sickle Vodka. Show some respect and drink it neat (pairing with a spoonful of caviar optional), or use it to add some serious class to your Friday night cocktail.
Appearance / Colour
Clear, colourless.
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Sweet cream, shredded wheat cereal, powdered sugar, and faint berry skin aromas
Flavour / Taste / Palate
A solid combination of smoothness and zestiness that should pop well in cocktails. Taste is fresh, pure and crisp.
Finishes with a dash of dried citrus peel and pepper dust.

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    Hammer & Sickle
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    Hammer & Sickle

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