Haller's Reserve

Haller’s Special Reserve Stock (SRS) is a blended Whiskey. The brand has been around for several decades and the bottles and logos have changed dramatically over time. Haller’s used to be at the top of the mid-tier market.

Some of those older bottles are prized by collectors, and you can find them at online resellers and at liquor auctions. Over time the brand has dropped to the lower-end of the mid-tier market. One of the strongest indicators of this is that if is now sold in full gallon jugs.

The brand is owned by the Heaven Hill company, but since this is a generic blended Whiskey they are not required to provide any details regarding the actual distillery that made it of the actual ingredients. Reviews and tasting notes appear to be on a par with other lower-end Whiskeys coming out of Heaven Hill.
Haller's Reserve Flavor Spiraltm
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