Greenwood Whiskey

Greenwood Whiskey is a premium Rye Whiskey that symbolizes a celebration of community, success, entrepreneurship, & excellence.

This African American owned brand is inspired by the Historic Greenwood District neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma – also know as, “Black Wall Street” a community home to hundreds of African American owned businesses.

The Historic Greenwood District was the largest concentration in the US during a time when African Americans had so few rights or resources.

Greenwood Whiskey is a celebration of  “Black Wall Street” and the legacy of visionary entrepreneurs, combining natural ingredients and bold flavors.

Russet color, with rich smoky caramel and vanilla notes. The palate features hints of butterscotch, sweet cherry wood, and a touch of citrus enhance its smooth taste. Their unique whiskey is a premium rye blend is bottled at 42% ABV.
Greenwood Whiskey Flavor Spiraltm
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