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Waste not, want not. That's the Italian thinking behind Grappa, at least.

It's made from distilling all of the solid matter left over from Wine making, including stems, seeds and grape skins.

Grappa is usually very high proof, above 40%, and has a somewhat justified reputation as firewater because of it.

While it hails from Italy, Grappa is also made in the U.S.
How to drink Grappa?
We suggest an open tulip shaped glass. It gives oxygen to the Grappa and this emphasizes the scent. Pour about 30 ml of Grappa in the glass, swirl it, smell it then sip and enjoy. 
What is Grappa made from?
It's made from pomace aka all the solid matter left over from wine making. That includes all the grape skins, seeds, stems, everything.
Grappa and ABV (alcohol by volume)
The alcoholic content of Grappa must be between 35-60%. 
Distillery tours
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We pulled some strings and made it possible for you to see the backstage of certain distilleries, getting the VIP treatment & that is about enough of text.

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