sweet vanilla
dark chocolate
Spiral Gosling's Black Seal 151 Proof
Black Seal 151 Proof
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Colour
Dark Amber
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Sweet dark chocolate and sugary vanilla, hints of spice including cardamom and cinnamon
Flavour / Taste / Palate
Herbal offerings become obvious and mix well with the smooth sweetness of molasses syrup and caramel
Hint of coffee and tobacco, more sweet vanilla and lingering caramel
Tastes like a dark secret that suddenly comes to mind but you swallow it back just in time.
The story of the Gosling's Rum dates back to 1806 when James Gosling, who was sent out to the sea by his father, heading towards Virginia, with 10.000 pounds Sterling worth of wines and spirits. After 91 days the charter on the ship Mercury ran out and James had to settle on Bermuda, where he opened a wine and spirits shop.
James Gosling returned to England in 1824 to open a shop with his brother Ambrose, a shop the Goslings maintain to this day. Their first Rum was produced decades later, in 1863, called the Black Seal – Rum that is synonymous with Bermuda, where it's produced. Today, the 7th generation Goslings lead the family business, in Bermuda, and are the largest exporter of any Bermuda made product, as well as the only company that blends and bottles on said island.
This ultra high proof Rum is not for the weak hearted. If you want to feel more like a pirate then an investment in this Bermuda Rum would go a long way to getting you there. Just don’t drink neat, that might get you there too fast and mean you can’t remember much of the experience after. This Rum has the signature sweetness of most Rum and is not over powered by the alcohol content. There is also a herbal dullness in the mix that makes for a smooth and easy-going mouth-feel.
  • Style
    Dark Rum
  • Region
  • Country
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Gosling's Rum
  • Bottler
    Gosling's Rum


Black Seal 151 Proof

(0.75l, 75.50%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Gosling's Black Seal 151 Proof
It has a very strong flavor . Ito a good for making mix drinks.
Strong, bites all the way down, but mixes good when making a tropical tea drink.
Tastes like burning, and I like it
Wonderful flavor served with a bit of ice or cola by the pool. Extremely smooth for the price.
Delicious with a small splash of Coke, or cut with ice. To drink this stuff straight will cause the fire alarms in your neighborhood to go off!!
Super smooth, and a flavor that you'll dream about over and over again. It's really hard to believe that something this good can come at such a great price.
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