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Golden Moon Gin
My favorite gin ever. Very unique. Full of lavender, I wanted to bathe in it. Just the smell when you open the bottle is gorgeous. Great neat or chilled. Makes one of the best Aviations I’ve ever had. Those who prefer London Drys or earthier gins may not be fans. Must love herbals. I’ve tried several Golden Moon products and have loved them all but this is the one I keep stocked at home. If you ever go to Colorado check out their speakeasy. You won’t be disappointed. They’re fantastic people who are very passionate about their process and love to experiment.
Golden Moon Gin
A lovely, unique gin. I particularly liked the hint of lavender.
Golden Moon Gin
You can taste the quality with every sip!
Golden Moon Gin
Phenomenal. Smooth.
Golden Moon Gin
Very nice taste with hints of herbal floral infusions very nice neat or with a splash of grapefruit juice
Golden Moon Gin
I love this gin. I prefer gins that the main flavor is not floral. This gin was spicy, savory, with a sweet mint flavor. So many beautiful flavors! I can't seem to do anything but sip it solo, it's too good to mix into a cocktail.