Golden Moon

In 2008, Stephen Gould and Karen Knight founded Golden Moon Distillery in Golden, Colorado. Stephen had amassed a world-class collection of antique books on Spirits and the art of distilling and they shared a dream to bring this knowledge to life — creating premium, hand-crafted Spirits. In twelve years that distillery has amassed dozens of awards recognizing distilling excellence and their success creating a wind range of Whiskeys, Spirits, and Liqueurs.

Stephen Gould is the mad scientist behind the Spirit formulations at Golden Moon Distillery. And that passion for experimentation inspired him to create Golden Moon Triple Colorado Single Malt Whiskey.

They also produce two types of Golden Moon Gin; an original and a Port Cask Reserve Gin. Both are made to the same recipe, but the cask-aged Gin is matured in wet Port casks from a producer in Napa Valley.

The casks, made from French Oak, are untreated and give the resulting liquid both a rose-red color and a smooth flavor. The original recipe of Golden Moon Gin is distilled using the freshest herbs and ingredients, including locally grown and harvested mint and juniper, from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

The mint gives the Gin a real freshness and adds a complexity to the Spirit. Worth seeking out for those who like Gin cocktails; different flavors really come to the fore when mixed in different drinks. The Port Cask Reserve is a limited run due to the number of Port casks available in any one year, so if you can get your hands on some, hold on to it!
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Golden Moon