Glenury Royal

United Kingdom, Scotland
Released bottles from Glenury Royal included a 29 year old, 36 year old, and a 40 year old. In 2003 Diageo released a 50 year old from the distillery. Whiskies tend to show medicinal profile with peaty and grassy notes followed by fruity character with menthol.
Glenury Royal Flavor Spiraltm
  • port
  • sherry
  • herbs
  • toasted oak
  • fruit
  • malted barley
  • apple
  • leather
  • rose
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Glenury Royal
Captain Robert Barclay was also an athlete and marathon runner.
Glenury Royal
Glenury Royal was also a powerful illustration of inflation. In 1936, the distillery was sold for a fair price of £7,500, but in 1938 it changed hands again for £18,500.


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Glenury Royal Distillery was located in the Highlands, near Stonehaven, South of Aberdeen. It takes its name from the glen that runs through the Ury district.

This distillery's history is filled with tragedy. It was built in 1825, by Robert Barclay. Just a couple of weeks into production, a fire destroyed the kiln, malting floors and barley stock. Then weeks after the fire, a worker fell into the boiler and died. In 1835, Barclay made a request to the king to use "Royal" in Glenury's title.

Through his good connections, he was granted the title, and the future finally started looking bright for "Glenury Royal". In 1854, Barclay passed away, and William Ritchie from Glasgow bought the distillery. After a halt during  World War I in 1936, the distillery was sold to the Glenury Distillery Company.

In 1938, Associated Scottish Distilleries Ltd took the control of the management and United Distillers bought the site through a merger. It was mothballed in 1983. They decided not to reopen the distillery.

Glenury Royal drew its water supply from the Cowie waters, and had two pairs of stills with unknown capacities. Floor malting of lightly peated barley continued until 1968. After this industrial maltings were used.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Highlands
  • Established 1825
  • Owner Diageo
  • Type Single malt
  • Status Active
  • Address Glenury Royal Distillery Broomhill Road Stonehaven Kincardineshire AB39 2PY United Kingdom
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