Thanks to George Scott Grant who managed to keep most of the stock in the warehouses, Glenfarclass still owns a large variety of expressions. Original bottle expressions starts from 8 year-old to 42 year-old. The Family Casks Series offer single malts from 1952 to 1998 now. In total there were 43 bottlings in 2007. Now the number is increasing by the new years coming regularly.

It is almost impossible to generalize Glenfarclas' Whiskies. However quality conditions in the warehouses with the use of great Sherry casks make sure that Whisky from Glenfarclass will be rich, complex and a big experience for the consumer.

Glenfarclas 15 and 105 Cask Strength are very popular among Whisky lovers, which are claimed to have all the characteristics a good Glenfarclas should have.

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