Glen Ord

United Kingdom, Scotland
Whisky produced in Glen Ord is lively, fruity and gives you the feelings of newly cut grass or hay most of the time. A little bit aging shows toffee and winter spices. With the help of Sherry casks chocolate and dried fruits also become dominant from Whisky to Whisky.
Glen Ord Flavor Spiraltm
  • smoky
  • sherry
  • port
  • caramel
  • dried fruit
  • sweet
  • spicy
  • vanilla
  • sweet vanilla
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Glen Ord
Before the introduction of Singleton of Glen Ord, 80 % of the Whisky produced in Glen Ord was used in blends like Johnnie Walker and Dewar's, and 20% was bottled as single malt.
Glen Ord
Glen Ord Whisky was first registered as 'Glen Oran,' by Alexander MacKenzie. So, most people called it Glen Oran until 1980s


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Glen Ord is located at the edge of the Black Isles, close to Inverness. This distillery's name originates from 'The Ord'. Numerous castles of the MacKenzie Clan can be found in this area.

The MacKenzies of Ord were granted lands by King Alexander III. In 1820, Thomas MacKenzie inherited the area, and decided the land would be leased for the building of a distillery. Immediately after construction, he leased the distillery to the Ord Distillery Co., owned by D. McLennan and Robert Johnstone.

It went bankrupt in 1847. However, the distillery continued illegal distilling for 8 more years until 1855, when it was bought by Alexander McLennan and Thomas McGregor. After McLennan's death in 1870, Glen Ord went back to its roots, with the help of McLennan's widow, who married Alexander MacKenzie.

After MacKenzie died in 1896, the distillery was taken over by James Watson & Co. Take overs continued, as James Watson died without any heirs. In 1923, John Dewar & Sons bought the distillery, which became a part of Distillers Company Limited, in 5 years.

License continued to transfer between companies. First Scottish Malt Distillers took the charge in 1930, and after a few decades, United Malt & Grain Distillers bought the distillery in 1985, which would later become a part of Diageo.

Glen Ord used to create its own bottlings, but as of today the Whisky produced is released under the name of Singleton of Glen Ord. The distillery was the 4th largest distillery of Diageo. The water used in the process is drawn from Loch nam-Bannach and Loch nam Euan.

They have 3 wash and 3 spirit stills, with 17k and 16k liters of capacity respectively. Until the Saladin box was installed in 1961, Glen Ord used floor maltings.

In 1968, an automatic drum maltings were also installed, working alongside the box until 1983, when Saladin box was decommissioned. The barley used in the distillery is unpeated. Half of the casks in the warehouses are American white oak and the other half are Oloroso Sherry casks.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Highlands
  • Established 1838
  • Owner Diageo
  • Type Single malt
  • No. of stills 6
  • Visitor center Yes
  • Status Active
  • Address Glen Ord Distillery Muir of Ord Ross-shire IV6 7UJ United Kingdom
  • Phone +44 1463 872004
  • Website
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Glen Ord video
A transcript for non-audio situations Welcome to the Singleton sensorium. Join us on a journey to discover the flavors of the Singleton, one of the world's most highly award single malt scotch Whiskies. Let us take you to the Scottish highlands, the home of the Singleton of Glen Ord. Take a look around. The barley is gold, and the water is crystal. Welcome to our distillery, where we craft the Singleton of Glen Ord. For almost 200 years, we have been taking it slow. Our slow fermentation draws the rich flavors from our barley. Our slow batch distillation gives us our signature smoothness. For us, when it comes to crafting extraordinary Whisky, speed is not of the essence. We guess everyone is just in too much of a hurry. Here in our warehouse, our Whisky peacefully slumbers, extracting layers and layers of flavor from the cask. We mainly use Sherry oak casks for a rich and sweet flavor.

Let's enter the cask. Raise a glass to your nose and breathe in gently. What can you smell? Perhaps lots of cherries and apples. Rich, red and ripe flavors. Take your time. Now take a small sip. Swirl it around your mouth for a moment, then swallow. Can you taste the dried summer fruits? Rich raisins and apricots. Now take a second sip. Take a moment to savor the rich taste of the Singleton. Slowly, these dried fruits will fade, leaving behind a smooth, rich, chocolate finish.

The award winning, the Singleton of Glen Ord. Pleasure in a single moment.