Glen Elgin

United Kingdom, Scotland
Nowadays, Glen Elgin only bottles the 12 year-old expression. Glen Elgin Whisky is a typical Speyside Whisky with fruity and floral notes combined with a smooth malty feeling.
Glen Elgin Flavor Spiraltm
  • smoky
  • oak
  • spicy
  • sherry
  • caramel
  • dried fruit
  • vanilla
  • honey
  • sweet
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Glen Elgin
Charles Doig's prophecy was right. He claimed there would be no other distillery to be built in Speyside for 50 years after Glen Elgin. The next distillery was built in 1958.
Glen Elgin
Even though Diageo owns the distillery, the White Horse emblem is still on the wall of the distillery, to show a respect for its roots.
Glen Elgin
Founders invested £3,000 for the distillery. However they could only receive £4,000 after the auction, which happened just after a few months from the opening.


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Glen Elgin is located in the heart of Speyside, just three miles south from Elgin. It withdraws its water from Millbuies Loch.

Glen Elgin was founded in 1898, which made it the last distillery built in Whisky boom era. Legendary Charles Doig was the architect of this distillery. Mr. Doig actually stated that this distillery would be the last one to be built in Speyside, for the next 50 years, and he was right.

Tormore was the next distillery to be built in 1958. The distillery did not start production until 1900, and they were forced to close in an auction, suffering a big loss.

In 1936 DCL bought the distillery, and sometime later, license was acquired by White Horse Distillers. In 1950, electricity was installed in the distillery. But in 1964, Doig's settlement was demolished and a totally new distillery was built.

In the 1960's, the number of stills was changed from 2 to 6. There are 3 wash stills, 7,000 liters each, and 3 spirit stills, 8,000 liters each. The distillery owns six washbacks, having a total of 40,600 liters of capacity.

Copper worms are still used to cool the vapour. Glen Elgin has been using Diageo's industrial malts, since it was decommisioned in the 1960s.
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