Planet Bighorn

Wyoming Whiskey

Welcome to planet Bighorn! As you can see through your left window, it's a picturesque prairial world of extremes. The inhabitants will greet you with their delicious local potion that makes Whiskynauts return to this planet again and again. It might feel dry here, but we assure you the lovely natives will keep your palate wet.

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

A mix of two mash bills yielding an American Whiskey that screams for a cocktail.

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Captain’s Logs

David DeFazio

Name: David DeFazio
Function: Co-Founder & the Chief Operating Officer
In service since: 2006

β€œWe use a combination of two yeasts to ferment our non-GMO grains, which creates a unique base profile. And we use great barrels from Independent Stave. But anyone could gather those components and reach the same point. It’s the maturation environment in Wyoming that defines our Whiskey and sets it apart from the lion’s share of products on the shelf.

Our barrels mature in warehouses surrounded by sage and rangeland grasses, not bluegrass. And daily temperature swings can be as great as 50 degrees in the summer months, with seasonal temperature swings of 130 degrees.”

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David DeFazio

Explore the Wyoming Whiskey Distillery

Wyoming Whiskey, based in Kirby, WY, is a small-batch distillery that bets on family, cooperation, terroir, high-quality ingredients, and bringing all that together into fine sipping Whiskey. Every drop is made in Kirby and aged in one of their six rickhouses. Local grains, no GMO, and crystalline water that filters through ancient limerock. Six Bourbons, six masterpieces of the Bighorn Basin.

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Wyoming Whiskey Distillery Wyoming Whiskey Distillery