The F World


This is your precious base planet where all your interstellar tasting expeditions begin. You get all your gear, knowledge, and guidance here, and it's where your Family of explorers is. Don't forget to mingle with the indigenous Spirits; sometimes, the best flavors are waiting for you at home.

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From the House of Flaviar

While we curate fine Spirits, we also create them. These limited offerings are carefully made with passion and expertise, and are available at Flaviar only. A definition of an exclusive gift, wouldn’t you say?

Themed Flights of Flavors

The best way to become a seasoned Spirits connoisseur is trying new flavors. Flaviar themed Tasting Boxes are tiny distillery tours you can experience at a tasting party at home. They also come with guided tasting sessions where a pro will navigate you through each sample.

β€˜Tis the Season to Be Swaggy

Being a Flaviarista means your palate is sophisticated. Show that to everyone with Flaviar Merch, or be a Swag Santa that gussies somebody else up.