Gibson's Finest

Founded in 1856
Gibson’s Finest was founded by Irish immigrant John Gibson in Pennsylvania, along the Monongahela River. He bought a distiller there, along with 40 acres of land, and grew the grains for his own distillation.

Prohibition put the family out of the liquor business. But when prohibition was repealed, Schenley Industries bought the Gibson brand and started production in Valleyfield.

The brand was fully reintroduced in 1972, as a Canadian Whisky and following a traditional corn/rye/barley formulation. Gibson’s Finest trades upon it being “fully aged.”

In this they have a point. Most Canadian Whiskies are sold quite young, but Gibson’s is aged a full twelve years. And in our opinion that makes a big difference.

Look for strawberry and caramel-corn on the nose with orange zest, and rye on the palate and a dry finish.
Gibson's Finest Flavor Spiraltm
  • caramel
  • oak
  • vanilla
  • spicy
  • honey
  • rye
  • slightly sweet
  • maple syrup
  • sour
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