Gerston II

United Kingdom, Scotland
Gerston Two was an unpeated Whisky, with very lighter palate characteristic. Sherry buts were highly used so dried fruit tastes are expected.,
Gerston II Flavor Spiraltm
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Gerston II
Gerston II was a industrial scaled distillery. However, their choice of industrial raw materials (shipping barley from Lowlands, and coal from Brora) is what did them in at the end.
Gerston II
Not using any peat, as well as their selection of bigger stills, affected the quality of their Whisky in a negative way.
Gerston II
Merchants who were fans of Gerston One, decided not to buy Gerston II -- since it lacked the peat quality -- and started trading with Old Pulteney Distillery instead.


Gerston II was located just a mile from Gerston I Distillery, close to Halkirk Train Station.

The distillery was founded in 1886, however in 11 years it changed hands to Northern Distillers Limited, who changed the name to Ben Morven. Ben Morven ceased to exist in 1900, and was demolished in 1914.

Gerston II could not use the same water source as Gerston I, so they used Calder Burn as the main water source. There is no evidence that Gerston II used peat at all. In fact, their Whisky was described as "pure malt", which means that there was no peat in the Whisky.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Highlands
  • Established 1886
  • Owner The Gerston Distillery Company
  • Type Blended
  • Visitor center No
  • Status Active
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