Georgia Moon

The famous Whiskey writer Jim Murray said, “If you are a true student of Whiskey, your education is a long way from being complete until you have mastered this particularly charming form.” He was referring to Straight Corn Whiskey — Bourbon’s predecessor.

Where Bourbon has at least 51% Corn in the mash, Straight Corn Whiskey is at least 81% Corn and that makes for a unique flavor profile. Another difference is that Bourbon must be aged in new oak, and Corn Whiskey can use either new or used casks.

Heaven Hill is the only major distillery still producing this oldest style of American Whiskey across four regional brands: Georgia Moon, Mellow Corn, Dixie Dew, and J. W. Corn Whiskey. They are emphasizing Mellow Corn, but the others are still available in some markets.

Georgia Moon is an un-aged line of Moonshine and Corn Whiskey. They state on the label that it is “Less than 30 days old.” It started elsewhere, but today it is a product of Heaven Hill. The Corn Whiskey is served in a Mason Jar with a brown paper label.
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