spicy rye
Spiral Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey
Garrison Brothers
Texas Whiskey
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Dark Cherrywood       
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Butterscotch, toffee, coconut, and a dash of heat 
Flavor / Taste / Palate 
Brown butter and caramel with cinnamon stick and orange blossom honey 
Warm and long with spun sugar and molasses

Flavour Spiral
caramel, corn, burnt, oily, spicy rye, butter, coconut, butterscotch, sugar
The Texas Nirvana. 
We love all the hard toiled, passionate, craft distillers of the world. But the Garrison Brothers stand out in that crowd a bit taller than most. They don’t farm out anything. Every step from cooking the mash to bottling happens right there on site at their distillery in Hye, Texas. They make Bourbon in a range of ages and finishes, but it all started with the famous barrel #6 that yielded their signature Texas Bourbon Whiskey. 
So let’s talk about that famous barrel. Back in 2007 and 2008 the Garrison brothers were experimenting to find the perfect recipe for their Bourbon. In 2008, they popped open barrel #6, took a sip, and instantly knew that they had found Texas Nirvana. 
This magic combination is the platform they built their business on. These boys are proud of their accomplishment, and they should be. They recommend that you drink it neat… a splash or a bit of soda water is fine too. But when it comes to colas and fruity mixers they say, “If you're mixing it with something like that, you really shouldn't be buying our Bourbon."

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  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Garrison Brothers
  • Bottler
    Garrison Brothers

Garrison Brothers

Texas Whiskey

(0.75l, 47%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey
Very disappointed in this. Harsh,almost petroleum taste up front, burnt aftertaste. Might be ok to mix, but after trying it neat and on the rocks, I haven't tried to mix it.
Not Barrel #6 but an nice Bourbon with a young finish
We have tried around 60 different bourbons so far and Garrison Brothers is by far the worst bourbon that we've ever had. 7 of us agreed upon this. We all thought that it lacked any flavor profile except for acetone. Not sure if we got a bad bottle or something, but wow, I would never suggest anyone spending this kind of money for this. Definitely not worth it. I can name 40 other Bourbons that are half of the price that are far far superior.
I opened this and shared with four friends - all of us felt that something was off and it just didn't taste right. I am usually okay with different style bourbons and like to try new whiskies on a regular basis. I won't go back to this one.
A really young tasting bourbon, probably due to the seasons, temperatures, and humidity of Hye, TX: the barrels probably didn't expand and contract like they would have in Kentucky. You can really taste the corn in this.
Wow what a great tasting Whiskey. The bottle said aged 3 years, it tastes way smoother than that. This Whiskey has some great flavor notes wit a long finish. Just bought three more bottles. Expensive but worth it!!!!!!!
Smooth and delicious
Last year at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, I went to a tasting presented by Garrison Bros. I'm not really a bourbon drinker, I love The Macallan, I was pleasently surprised. They gave us 2015 Spring, Fall, and Cowboy varieties. Cowboy was over 120 proof and too strong, Spring and Fall were quite good. First bourbon I've ever liked.
16 Years living in Kentucky, hours of distillary tours with friends and family visiting, hundreds of Whiskey Bars... but a trip to the Driskill Hotel in Austin and a glass of this in a Texas sized leather chair: and I am a full convert. Don't hesitate- this is an incredible, genre bending bourbon that I want to drink on my deathbed. Unbelievable, original, smooth as butter.
Smooth taste of paradise!
Wasn't a fan. Very unusual for a bourbon.
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