Gabriel Boudier Dijon

Gabriel Boudier Dijon is produced in Gabriel Boudier Dijon distillery. Some of the most popular expressions of Gabriel Boudier Dijon include: Gabriel Boudier Rhubarb Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier Coigns Liqueur, Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin.

Flavor profile of this Brandy typically features notes of raspberry, peach, fruit and mint.
Gabriel Boudier Dijon Flavor Spiraltm
  • raspberry
  • peach
  • fruit
  • mint
  • orange
  • strawberry
  • syrup
  • black cherry
  • apricot
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Gabriel Boudier
During its existence, two successive families have owned and run Gabriel Boudier, the motto of which is "Quality without compromise."


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Gabriel Boudier has been producing Liqueurs and Spirits in Dijon since 1874. Since 1936, it has been owned and operated by the Battault family, and has occupied the same premises since 1968.

As well as its award-winning and world-renowned Crème de Cassis de Dijon, the House of Boudier also produces Eaux de Vie, a huge range of flavored Liqueurs, and two Gins; their Rare London Dry Gin and Saffron Gin.

Gabriel Boudier uses the highest quality fruit in the production of its Spirits, whether it be for maceration or distillation, or both.
Distillery info:
  • Country France
  • Established 1874
  • Owner Independent
  • Status Active
  • Address Etablissements Gabriel Boudier, 14 rue de Cluj, BP 57444, Dijon, 21074
  • Phone +33 (0) 3 80 74 33 33
  • Website
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Gabriel Boudier Dijon video
A transcript for non-audio situations Burgundy is ideally situated between Northern and Southern Europe, and has always been at the crossroads of civilization. From the time of Charlemagne, Burgundy was richer and more powerful than the Kingdom of France. Today, resplendent with its rich past, Burgundy is renowned throughout the world for the excellent quality of its Wines and its superb gastronomy. Therefore, it's only natural that in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, that Gabriel Boudier created his company in 1874 to produce Blackcurrant Liqueur in the same tradition as our grand Wines, with which it's associated in the world-known cocktail, the drink called Blanc Cassis or White Wine with Blackcurrant Liqueur, is made with one-quarter Crème de Cassis from Dijon, and three-quarters dry White Wine. The new buildings and the latest production equipment used at this time by Boudier makes it by far the most modern distillery in Dijon. Since Marcel Battault acquired the distillery Gabriel Boudier in 1936, the business has been handed down through the family for four generations.

In 1968, Pierre Battault set up the production facility in a modern industrial zone with state of the art equipment. As president, Jean Battault has guided the company to international success since 1989. Fervently attached to the heritage and traditional methods of making Cassis in Dijon, and well-known for the excellence of its products, the Gabriel Boudier company is the only independently owned family business in its domain in the Burgundy capital.

Cassis has been known since ancient times for its healthy and medicinal virtues. It is richer in Vitamin C than oranges, and also has polyphenols which are sought out for their anti-aging effects. French blackcurrants are harvested in July and Gabriel Boudier selects two small-grained noble varieties which are particularly flavorful, the Royal Naples and the Burgundy Black. To avoid oxidation the blackcurrant berries are frozen IQF as soon as they are harvested. Once defrosted, the berries perfectly maintain all their organoleptic qualities. Then they are immersed in a maceration bath with 30-degree alcohol in which natural fruit sugars are dissolved. During the five-week maceration period in a rotating copper kettle, all the colors, pectin, natural sugars, and flavors are released. The addition of a small amount of sugar at this point is made to neutralize the natural acidity of the fruit in this last phase of the process.

The excellence of the Crème de Cassis of Dijon Gabriel Boudier is attained through the use of a significant quantity of high-quality fruit concentrates, without any addition of preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavors. The Crème de Cassis of Dijon Gabriel Boudier is bottled with the utmost care in its famous crystal-clear square bottle. The screw-on bottle cap has an ingenious no-drip pourer, which helps keep the threads of the bottle neck free from sugar residue after pouring. The legendary label has remained unchanged for the last 130 years, recalling the numerous distinctions awarded to the House of Gabriel Boudier throughout the 19th-century.

The brand name Gabriel Boudier is internationally recognized through three quality certifications. Continuing adherence to the norms of ISO 9001 since 1997, the IFS, International Food Standard Version 4 since 2005 and the BRC, the British Retail Consortium Issue 4 since 2005. We are proud to be one of the two companies chosen from all types of business activities in our region for the distinction of the IFS certification Version 4. The ensemble of activities of Gabriel Boudier, as well as all our fields of knowledge are therefore assured. From the conception of the product, its production just to their delivery, but also the purchasing of top-quality ingredients, ever watchful of international food safety standards. The absence of contaminants such as GMOs, allergens, and ionized radiation, as well as a lower rate of pesticides than permissible by authorized standards are guaranteed. Our unquestionable point of excellence is our traceability. We oversee and monitor everything, from the moment the blackcurrant bushes are planted, to when the berries are ripe in the field, just till our product is poured in a customer's glass. Thanks to our ERP program, we are able to precisely trace each production batch and every bottle right back to the origin of its specific ingredients.

Our presentation stand, placed on the bar next to a champagne ice-bucket, will attract the customer's attention every day of the week. You can mix our fruit liqueurs with the Champagne, or White Wine, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, or peach. This type of presentation on the bar could increase the sales of champagne by the glass by 400% and allow your customers to enjoy a simple cocktail which is special and completely natural. Our fruit liqueurs are constantly being used in many inventive ways in cooking and pastry making. The most famous chefs in France have developed an ensemble of unique recipes for our cookbook, "Gabriel Boudier A Toutes Les Sauces". In 2005, the House of Gabriel Boudier was given four distinctive awards, Gold Medal Best in Class in the 2005 London IWSC, Gold Medal & Crystal Glass, Vinaya Carta Open 2005 in Moscow, Double Gold Medal in San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2004. There were 454 other competitors from 40 countries. Estonian Wine Challenge Trophy in 2004.

Gabriel Boudier is the only premium brand of fruit creme liqueurs present in more than 60 countries. It's the universal standard for quality as seen in the international press. Gabriel Boudier uses a process that takes all characteristics of the fruit into consideration, and has implemented a product tracing and quality control system in order to provide its clients with total food safety. The Battault family provides an equal guarantee by living its motto, "Quality is a principle that accepts no compromise." [00:08:48] [Music] [00:09:13]