The distillery is located in the town of Gotemba, beneath the foot of iconic Mount Fuji. Gotemba is located around 600 meters above sea level.

The distillery was founded in the early 1970s. Production began in 1973, backed by three corporations, namely Seagram Company Ltd. of Canada, Four Roses of the USA, Chivas Brothers of Scotland and the Kirin Brewery of Japan.

The distillery was originally called Gotemba Distillery until 2002, when Kirin had sole ownership. Having a capacity of 12 million liters, Fuji Gotemba is a giant. They produce both single malt and grain Whiskies, with barley and grain from Scotland and Ireland.

Distillery Details

  • Country
  • Owner
    Kirin Company
  • Visitor center
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  • Address
    970 Shibanta, Gotemba 412-0003, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Phone
    +81 550-89-4909
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The distillery is also a giant by means of the area it is settled on. Fuji Gotemba covers an area of 520,000 square meters, beating out Glenfiddich Distillery.

Two brands are sold under the distillery, Fuji Gotemba and Fuji Sanroku. Fuji Sanroku means "at the feet of Fuji".
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