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Live Naked
What's freedom? Doing what you want, your way.
Naked Malt believes the same holds true for Whisky, so they created a uniquely lavish blended Scotch - for you to enjoy it however you want.

Live Naked. #FreeTheTipple!
A New Perspective of Scotch
Blended Malts should mature in ex-Bourbon barrels! Thanks, but no, thanks. Naked Malt (the artist previously known as Naked Grouse) does things differently: they pick the finest, world-renowned Single Malts, blend them, and finish them in first-fill , 'naked' Oloroso Sherry casks.

There's rich complexity and layers of fruity flavor, but who are we to spoil the experience? You decide what the tasting notes are.

Grab a bottle, enjoy it however and wherever, and carpe that diem.
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Why Naked?

You used to know and love it as Naked Grouse, but the intriguing Scotch got a makeover and a new identity. Don't worry; the juice within is still the same gorgeous blend of some of Scotland's finest Single Malts. Naked Malt takes naked Whisky, puts it in naked casks, and bottles it in naked packaging (we said they don't like labels). It’s Whisky at its most uncomplicated. This reimagined Malt celebrates freedom and enjoying Whisky your own way. Now, let's get naked!