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Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
Pretty good but very small bottle. Only 200 ml
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
Small bottle, big flavor. Less kick going down that most others, however the flavor makes you forget about that. It tastes like if a cloud was formed over a distillery and bottled. Very light but each flavor has its 3 seconds of fame on your tongue.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
I am a trained bartender, but add a dash of bitters and you end up with a better Manhattan from a bottle than you can probably make by hand. Def on the smooth side with a hint of sweet, but all around excellent if that's your thing. Went and bought the 1 liter version direct from them - Flaviar get the rest of the line up and the 1 liters already!
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
I don't but premixed alcohol, this was a nice surprise. Not sure if buy it again but I do like the finish. Long and sweet with a kiss of anise. With a dash of bitters it's a masterpiece.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
This rye blended with vermouth is wonderfully sweet, smooth, and delicious. We will be buying this wonderful spirit again.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
This surprised me. I bought because I thought the name was cool, but WOW. This is so smooth and easy to drink. Absolutely love the flavor.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
Too sweet for my tastes. From the first smell to the first drop on my tongue. A very syrupy kind of sweet. Not my preference.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
The name is perfect. This is a smooth drinking Manhattan, both neat and on the rocks. Everything about this bottle is perfect, except the size. Truly unfortunate it is such a tiny amount, it should come in a standard size bottle. However, since my only objection is the number of manhattans I can enjoy before I need another bottle... I highly recommend.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
It is good flavored,but such a small bottle. For the money I would buy one that gives more.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
Very enjoyable drink. Smooth and makes for a simple evening drink. Would prefer a larger bottle option.
Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan
You can pick up the vermouth with helps smooth it out. Would be better if aged. Very enjoyable little bottle.