Flor de Caña

Nicaragua Founded in 1890
Flor de Caña’s super premium Rums are aged naturally and enriched by the unique properties of the San Cristobal volcano, the most active in Nicaragua. The fertility of its soil, the enriched volcanic water, and the hot volcanic climate to which the barrels are exposed during the aging process contribute to Flor de Caña’s singularly smooth and deliciously balanced character.

Their history dates back to 1890, when Francisco Alfredo Pellas Canessa, along with the founders, would celebrate the end of harvest season with small quantities of aged Rum. Over 125 years later, the business is run by the family’s 5th generation.

Flor de Caña’s eco-friendly distillery uses 100% renewable energy and planting 50,000 trees every year. Their premium Rums are distilled five times to achieve maximum purity before being naturally aged in premium bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves. There are no extra sugar or additives.

Flor de Caña advocates a holistic focus: environment, employees, and community, winning over 180 international accolades, including: “Best Rum Producer in the World” (International Wine and Spirit Competition), Best Rum of the Year (International Rum Conference in Madrid), “#1 Rum on the Planet” (The Huffington Post), and “Among the Finest Products in the World” (San Francisco World Spirits Competition).
Flor de Caña Flavor Spiraltm
  • spicy
  • caramel
  • butterscotch
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • dry
  • oak
  • orange peel
  • tobacco
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Flor de Caña Distillery
Flor de Caña rums are distilled 100% with renewable energy, certified by Lloyd's Register. Throughout the turbulent years in Nicaragua (1980s) Flor de Caña Distillery was able to maintain production and storing rum in white oak casks. Today they have one of the largest reservoirs of aged rum in the world.


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The Flor de Caña Distillery was founded in 1890 at the base of the San Cristóbal volcano in Nicaragua, the country’s tallest and most active volcano. More than 125 years later, the entire production process continues under the supervision of the same family, five generations of mastery and family values, achieving perfection in rum making.

Flor de Caña is naturally aged in premium bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves, producing a distinguished and elegant flavor with tropical notes. This uninterrupted aging process gives the rum its remarkable amber color and rich flavor without the aid of accelerants, unnatural additives and with zero sugar content.

Its portfolio includes premium, super premium and ultra premium rums, aged from 4 up to 25 years.
Distillery info:
  • Country Nicaragua
  • Established 1890
  • Owner Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua
  • Status Active
  • Address Del Empalme de Chichigalpa (Gasolinera Uno) 2km al sur (Km 120 Carretera a Chinadenga), Chichigalpa, Nicaragua
  • Phone +505 2274 4040
  • Websitehttp://www.flordecana.com
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