Fleischmann’s company has been around for one hundred and fifty years making wholesale and consumer-lever yeast products for bakeries.

Fleischmann’s Yeast is famous and has a large holding in the consumer business in the US. But most people do not know that Fleischmann’s got into the yeast business through brewing and distillation.

After prohibition they built a new distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky. They sold off their liquor business decades and decades ago — Barton owns all the liquor business now.

Fleischmann’s liquor products, but it is a regional brand focused on the state of Wisconsin. There are still Fleischmann’s Gin and Vodka, but the core product has always been a Rye Whiskey. This historic brand is now a bottom shelf brand, available only in the upper Midwest.
Fleischmann's Flavor Spiraltm
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