Acquisition Enables Barcart to Release Groundbreaking POS System For Compliant Alcohol Sales At Live Events

NEW YORK, NY (June 8, 2023) – Flaviar, Inc. announces its acquisition of Barcart, a leader in first-party ecommerce for brands, further strengthening the company’s leadership in the beverage alcohol ecommerce space. The Barcart white-label and data offerings enhances Flaviar’s existing B2B division, helping close the loop on a comprehensive set of ecommerce services that already include marketplace sales, membership clubs, content production, experiential marketing, and consulting.

Founded in 2012, Flaviar has become a leader in the spirits industry due to its unique offering built on three key verticals: Flaviar Club, the world’s largest premium spirits club, Caskers, the retail marketplace for consumers, and The Beverage Bureau, a marketing agency and consultancy for spirits brands.

Barcart has a history of innovation, as one of the first platforms to enable direct-toconsumer sales from a brand’s own website, creating a level of access to first party consumer data that was unprecedented in the alcohol industry and simplifying the purchase process for consumers. Today, Barcart powers first-party ecommerce for more than 300 brands, from renowned portfolios like Edrington Group and Proximo, to craft brands including Starward Whisky, Oak & Eden, and Barrell Craft Spirits.

“Barcart adds significant value to our portfolio of services and expands our ability to serve customers, both brands and consumers,” stated Flaviar Co-Founder and CEO Jugoslav Petkovic. “Its white-label ecommerce and data offering helps us close the loop on a comprehensive set of digital services, complementing our existing event, content, and consulting services. With Barcart, Flaviar now offers the most complete ecommerce and marketing suite that’s available to alcohol brands today. The POS service takes that even further, while also providing something end consumers really want.”

Powered by the acquisition, Barcart has now announced its newest innovation, Barcart POS, a revolutionary solution that enables wine and spirits brands to facilitate three-tier compliant sales at events, sponsorships, demos and more. Managed simply via a tablet and credit card reader, it streamlines the customer experience, maximizes event ROI for suppliers, and opens new revenue streams for event owners:

  • Unlocks new sales channels for suppliers by enabling them to easily convert sales on site and capture first-party customer data at events.
  • Allows marketing agencies and suppliers to track and optimize event driven ROI by measuring purchases and acquired customers rather than traditional soft metrics like impressions and engagements.
  • Streamlines the customer experience with transactions taking less than 30 seconds to complete.
  • Opens new revenue streams for event producers through white label services that do not negatively impact onsite food & beverage sales.
  • Products automatically & compliantly shipped directly to customer’s home using Flaviar’s nationwide network of retailers.

“This first-to-market Barcart POS system is truly an ‘everyone wins’ solution for compliantly and responsibly connecting wine and spirits aficionados with beverage alcohol brands and allowing them to purchase directly while attending events, tastings, and more,” shared Adi Pal, Co-Founder of Barcart. “We’re excited to be part of the Flaviar family and help brands and consumers alike on their spirits journeys.”

Barcart POS is now available. For more information, please reach out to [email protected].

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Zach Groth | [email protected] or Sydnie Edelman | [email protected]

About Flaviar, Inc.

Flaviar, Inc. is a global spirits company with three unique verticals: the Flaviar Club, the world’s largest premium spirits club, Caskers, the direct-to-consumer retail marketplace for consumers, and The Beverage Bureau, a consultancy for spirits companies. Through these verticals, Flaviar provides a unique experience for consumers to discover and engage with oneof-the-kind brands while also offering proprietary data to alcohol companies in addition to providing a marketplace to find new customers.

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