Firkin Gin

United Kingdom Founded in 2015
Firkin Gin was launched in 2015. It is a London Dry Gin style recipe, which is then aged in American Oak Whisky casks for a short time, producing a real twist on a classic style.

It is during this maturation process when the Gin picks up its beautiful golden hue, as well as slightly sweet flavors of caramel and vanilla from the oak. The Gin is four times distilled and made with traditional botanicals including juniper, orris root, coriander seed and angelica root.

Produced in small batches at the Gleann Mor distillery in Scotland – just 250 bottles at a time – each has a unique character. Every bottle is individually filled, corked, sealed with wax and labeled by hand.
Firkin Gin Flavor Spiraltm
  • port
  • juniper
  • fruit
  • berries
  • coriander
  • biscuit
  • botanicals
  • oak
  • ginger ale
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Gleann Mor Spirits Company
Gleann More specializes in unusual single cask releases. Its expressions often include exclusive vintage Whisky. These expressions are released under the 'A Rare Find' label and are all bottled at cask strength.
Gleann Mor Spirits Company
Gleann Mόr has also bottled a 30-year-old single cask Armagnac in its Rare Find collection.


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The Gleann Mόr Spirits Company is an independent family-owned bottling company, founded by Derek Mair. Creators of the famous FIRKIN Gin, their range includes a series of cask aged Gins using their signature London Dry Gin recipe as a base before being rested in ex-Whisky casks, for a unique Scottish twist.

Their flagship Firkin Gin was released in 2015. Aged for three months in ex-Heaven-Hill Whisky casks, and produced in very small batches of no more than 250 bottles. Each batch of Firkin Gin is distinctly aged in different types of American oak casks. Their Gin’s botanicals include juniper, coriander seed, Angelica root and orris root.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Established 2014
  • Owner Independent
  • Status Active
  • Address 28 Jane St, Edinburgh EH6 5HD, UK
  • Phone +44 7774 227744
  • Website
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