Featherbone Bourbon

Featherbone Bourbon is named after the building where the Journeyman Distillery is located, in Three Oaks, Michigan. The Featherbone Factory building used to be used to manufacture corsets and buggy-whips.

The mash bill is high corn, lending it a more sweet character than a lot of Bourbons. The rest of the mash bill is fairly straight-forward with Rye and a dash of Barley.

Featherbone Bourbon is certified organic, they go out of their way to hand number each label with a bottle and batch number.

It has and interesting floral note on the nose with some tobacco. The palate with reveal a loose mouth-feel with vanilla, Rye spice, and leather. The finish is fugitive, with a burn then returns to that leather quality.
Featherbone Bourbon Flavor Spiraltm
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