roasted agave
Spiral El Buho Mezcal
El Buho
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Colour
Crystal Clear
Smell / Aroma
Sweet agave, vanilla and delicate smoke
Taste / Palate
Rich, full-flavoured palate, with traces of roasted agave and peppers, faint sweetness, herbal notes and earthy undertones.
Long smoky, lightly spiced herbaceous finish.
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Crave the Owl!
Spanish for owl, El Buho is a true start-up Mezcal made in Oaxaca, the Mexican state that oozes this fine spirit through its pores, by Henry John & TJ Steele. They partnered up with a fifth-generation mezcal distiller, Pepe Jimenez, to create a high-quality, easy to love liquor that showcases all the captivating qualities of Mezcal. Mezcal was dwarfed in popularity by its family member, tequila, who made it big in the world, but El Buho, launched only in 2012, does a lot of heavy lifting to popularize Mezcal, and deservedly so!
El Buho is not only approachable to drink, but to buy, too. This is an excellent Mezcal to start with, it makes you want to go out and learn more about it!
It’s made from espadin agave plants and roasted in a stone pit for a full week before being crushed by a burro and pressed for the juice. The fermented mash is twice distilled in a copper pot still. The roasting part gives the drink a distinct, but not unfavourable, taste - a little like drinking bottled smoke, but with a sweetness and earthy quality laced in that balances the whole act in your mouth. The finish is long, spicy and peppery, enhanced by an elegant touch of smoke.
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    El Buho
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    El Buho

El Buho

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