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Edinburgh Gin Seaside Gin
Absolutely love this. The salty brine flavors make this a unique gin.
Edinburgh Gin Cannonball Navy Strength
Either my favorite or second favorite gin (tied with Drumshanbo Irish Gin). I tried it along with the lower-proof Edinburgh gin. The combination of juniper and understated alcohol really did it for me.
Edinburgh Gin Seaside Gin
It’s not just your typical gin, it has a clean refreshing flavor from the minerals of Edinburgh’s shores.
Edinburgh Gin
I'm not generally a gin drinker (bourbon and scotch are the nectar of the gods), and I use gin almost exclusively in negronis. This gin was exciting. Edinburgh was as smooth as Sapphire or Tanquaray, my usual go-to gins. However, the different botanicals in Edinburgh gave it a livelier taste and feel. This made Edinburgh a substantive upgrade for a negroni. (My wife still prefers Tanquaray for her G&T.)
Edinburgh Gin Cannonball Navy Strength
Really love this gin. Very flavourful and could go with lots of mixers!