Eden Mill

The Eden Mill Distillery and Brewery (yep, they make beer here, too), stands on the site in St Andrews where famous Whisky-makers, the Haig family, were once based.

In 2012, Founder and Owner Paul Miller, bought the site and brought craft brewing back to the region, followed by distilling in 2014, when the company began producing Whisky and Gin. Today, the company produces five different Gins, along with three Whisky expressions and a number of Beers.

Creating all three means the distillers have the knowledge to create some more unusual styles, including its Hop Gin, produced by mixing distilling and brewing, and its Oak Gin, matured in oak-aged Beer casks.

Each batch of Gin is hand produced and distilled in copper pot stills, using the vapor infusion method, for a more gentle flavor, and often using locally sourced botanicals such as Sea Buckthorn (the predominant flavor in Eden Mill’s Original Gin).
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Eden Mill