Duke Bourbon

“The Duke” was, John Wayne — the rough and tumble actor who has become an icon of Americanism and the rugged cowboy. Duke Spirits is the holding company owned by John Wayne Enterprises, which is the managed by the family’s estate.

Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a branding agreement between that company and Wild Turkey Distillery, for a celebrity version of their core Bourbon. Wild Turkey is a very respectable product with lots of fans. 

You will find pepper and fruit on the nose with southern cornbread and salt-water taffy on the palate. It is a blend of agings — from 5 to ten years — so you will likely notices some vanilla and the light burn of some younger Whiskeys.
Duke Bourbon Flavor Spiraltm
  • sweet
  • oak
  • caramel
  • spicy
  • pecan
  • nutty
  • white pepper
  • smoky
  • vanilla
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