Du Nord

In 2013, Chris Montana started his family business with his partner Shanelle. Du Nord Craft Spirits is a small batch distillery that produces Whiskey, Vodka, Liqueurs, and artisan Gins. They mill, mash, and distill their products onsite with ingredients sourced as locally as possible.  

From 2013 the Du Nord family has grown from their humble beginnings, advocating the diversity in the craft Alcohol community, actively recruiting the underrepresented communities of women and racial minorities to join the Du Nord family.  

Today, Du Nord is an award-winning distillery that prides itself on sustainable practices and uniting local Spirit lovers with the craft. Their recent addition, a cocktail room, was added in 2015 and features several seasonal drinks served with the products made on-site at the distillery.

Du Nord has released six Spirits so far, each made with non-GMO corn from the Evens’ farm. Each of Du Nord's products have been awarded at least a silver medal from reputable international Spirits competitions like their L'etoile Vodka and Fitzgerald Gin (both gold medal award winners).

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Du Nord