World map of Scotch distilleries

Distillation is distillation—the process is pretty much the same no matter what distillery you go to, yeah? Well, sure. But a Whisky’s unique flavor lies in the different ingredients, stills and techniques used by each distillery. And maybe some of that crazy Scottish magic. Okay, more like probably.

And there are around 200 Scotch Whisky distilleries out there. We’re talking single malt distilleries. Distilleries that supply Whisky for the world’s most popular blends. Even silent distilleries that are no longer active. Point is: that’s a lot. So we’ve made the task of vetting them a lot easier for you by compiling them in a list that you can browse on your “down time” (also known as, the third meeting on what to hashtag the company picnic this year).

Just click on the distillery you want information on and read up on what makes their Whisky so unique. It’s like taking a mini trip to Scotland from behind your desk minus those little snack packs of airline pretzels. Which is kind of a damn shame.

Scotch distilleries