France Founded in 1759

House of Delamain does not produce VS or VSOP Cognac, and their expressions are cut down to 40% ABV with low-alcohol, old Cognacs, rather than with water. They even rinse the bottles with Cognac before hand-labeling and sealing them with wax.

That's certainly saying something about their products. Some of the most popular expressions of Delamain Cognac include Pale Dry XO, Vesper XO, and EXTRA. Flavor profile typically features notes of dry, caramel, oak and vanilla.

Delamain Flavor Spiraltm
  • spicy
  • vanilla
  • pear
  • leather
  • figs
  • cake
  • cocoa
  • golden raisin
  • toffee
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The Delamain Family members included scientists, poets, writers, and of course, great Cognac makers. Jacques Delamain was a writer and a great ornithologist, while Robert Delamain the author of The History of Cognac, a still highly regarded book today amongst scholars and Cognac enthusiasts, despite being published almost a hundred years ago.
Before the labels and wax seals are hand fitted to the bottle, the bottles are rinsed with Cognac. Licking your Delamain bottle before consumption is fine with us. No judging.


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House of Delamain is located in the heart of Jarnac, in the close vicinity of the famous Charente river. In 1759, James Delamain came back home from Ireland to form a partnership with his father-in-law, Jean-Isaac Ranson.

Jean was a proud owner of the well established exporting firm, whose origins go back as far as to the very first beginnings of Cognac.

Today, House of Delamain is still run by the direct descendants of its founders and is one of the oldest names in the industry.

Delamain selects and buys eaux-de-vie from owners and distillers within the Cognac region, with whom they maintain ties of confidence, often dating back several decades.

They buy their eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne exclusively, as only this great cru is capable of providing quality that matches their strict requirements.

Aging is done in 350-litre French oak barrels, known as “roux, which offers a greater aging period than standard barrels.

They refuse to use new barrels, as to avoid the excessive tannin in the eaux-de-vie. Aging takes places in the very old cellars on the banks of the Charente river, providing the ideal temperature and humidity.

Young and old eaux-de-vie are never blended together. They combine only those of very similar age and let them rest in barrels for two more years to reach perfect harmony.

Reduction, cutting Alcohol down to 40% ABV, is done with old Cognacs that were already reduced to 15% vol, rather than with water as usual.

According to the rules of the art of Cognac making, all preparatory operations are carried out by hand and in compliance with the demands of total quality.

Their objective is simple: to remain faithful to its tradition and offer the purest and most genuine Cognac expressions, while seeking and conquering new markets.

Distillery info:
  • Country France
  • Established 1759
  • Status Active
  • Address 7 Rue Jacques et Robert Delamain, 16200 Jarnac, France
  • Phone 05 45 81 70 87
  • Website
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