vanilla sweetness
malted barley
slightly sweet
Spiral Deanston Scotch Single Malt Virgin Oak
Single Malt Virgin Oak
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Pale Gold   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Malted barley grain, a bit of spice    
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Creamy body with a bit of honey and freshly sawn oak
Deanston Scotch Single Malt Virgin Oak is a refreshing part of a real Cinderella story. 
Deanston Distillery is a real Cinderella story. Deanston distillery started out as a cotton mill, way back in 1785. Soon, the village of Deanston grew around the mill. In 1965 the mill was closed and the ownrderful old buildins—and the people of the town—needed a chance at reinvention. The company saw their Highland location and private stream that still turned four waterwheels that generated electricity and saw the perfect answer. They turned to Whiskey production. 
Beginning on a shoestring budget, all of their production for decades went to Scotch blends. But in 1990 the distillery was acquired by Burn Stewart—the fine gentlemen behind the resurrection of Bunnahabhain, Ledaig, Tobermory, and more. Under their steady hands, Deanston has risen from obscurity and now produces a range of single-malt offerings, including a fun “Fill Your Own” special edition only available on site.

Let’s give the folks at Deaston a little wiggle-room here. Technically, Deanston Scotch Single Malt Virgin Oak spends it first few years in ex-bourbon casks, and is “finished” for a few more in virgin oak. It is a way to turn conventional aging theory on its head. And it is bottled nicely at 46.3% with NO chill filtering and NO artificial coloring. As their label proudly states, this is “Exactly as it should be.” 
That virgin oak adds a lighter spiciness to this young, single-malt Whisky. And you really get a sense of their commitment to issue a “craft” presentation… everything about it tastes and “feels” natural and “unpackaged” in a good way. And since this is the reemergence of a long-forgotten nameplate, it is a great time to get your own dram now before all the trendy-bendy folks “discover” it for themselves. 
  • Style
    Single Malt Whisky
  • Region
    Highland Whisky
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Single Malt Virgin Oak

(0.75l, 46.3%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Deanston Scotch Single Malt Virgin Oak
Solid for the price. A bit of a bite
Very intense nose with pepper, citrus, and hint of honey toward the end. Intense, thick and spicy taste with almost a lemon pepper and hint of vanilla at the end. A very long and spicy finish that sticks with you and ends on honey, lemon and vanilla notes. Add your usual amount of water. Then add 1/2 to 3/4 that amount. It helps dampen the spice and brings out more of those softer lemon, honey, vanilla and chocolate finishes.
Good flavor but a bit sharp... just a bit. Seems like a young batch but unknown age makes it hard to judge. So, just a sharp edge but nice flavor.
A good young malt with a nice blend of flavors but a sharp finish. A dash of water mellows this out a lot. Good value purchase.
Very green and cereal flavors. Great deal for the price.
Not bad. A bit of a bite in the finish but good for the price!
I don't really know why to say. I went to the distillery. It is a scotch that you either LOVE or HATE. I fall into the hate. Nothing specific. Nothing over the top. Just not a flavor of preference. Perhaps it is the Jim Beam & Wild Turkey casks rather than Spanish Sherry.... But there is a bite that doesn't work for me. My boss on the other hand thinks Deanston is PERFECT.
Very good flavor ,oaky,but i think it needs to age longer
A bit rough around the edges, but for for the price this maybe the best Single Malt offered here.
This is a scotch more than worth it's price. I has the bite of a young scotch, but a dash of water really opens up the flavors of the scotch. It is not the greatest scotch you will ever drink, but it might be the greatest scotch at this price.
shipping 2 much
This is a nice Scotch, however, not mind blowing. It's spicy and vibrant and can have a long finish. It does give hints of vanilla and smooth maltiness, but there is definitely a bite characteristic of younger Scotch; it's not a bad thing!
Tastes like a blend - Johnny Black-ish.
Dash of water makes this lovely whisky smooth. Grainy flavours and a warming flavour not quite a pepper or spice but still a warm note. Good whisky for the price.
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