Founded in 1980
Davidoff is a Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand name, but Hine distillery makes Cognacs for them, which is, of course, located in Cognac, France.

Zino Davidoff was born in 1906 in Kiev, Ukraine, and later emigrated, together with his family, to Geneva, Switzerland, where they opened their first tobacco shop in 1912.

We assume he liked Cognac and that’s why the famous cigar company and great Cognac houses got married. Houses? Indeed, they’ve been married twice! Initially, Davidoff Cognacs were made by Hennessy, but the collaboration ended in 2011.

Soon, another giant took its place and revived Davidoff Cognacs. The giant? Hine Cognac. Davidoff Extra is a product of a great friendship between Zino Davidoff and Kilian Hennessy.

Rich and complex, this Cognac is made from 40 different eaux de vies, aged up to 40 years.

After the marriage, the Cognac is matured for another 18 months in oak casks. Only a few of these are left, reserved for true Cognac lovers since Hennessy stopped making Davidoff Cognacs in 2011.

Davidoff is committed to bringing together the best materials and ingredients the world has to offer—be it timepieces, leather goods, fragrances, coffee or even Cognac—and that’s why they chose to work with two top-of-the-line Cognac houses.

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Since Hennessy stopped making Davidoff Cognacs in 2011 they became quite a rarity, reserved only for the true Cognac enthusiasts.
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