Daffy's Gin

Founded in 2014
Daffy’s Gin is named after the supposed Goddess of Gin. Made with French grain Spirit, Lebanese mint, distilled in Birmingham, at the Langley distillery bottled in Scotland, this Gin took four years in the making to perfect.

This Gin has both traditional Gin botanicals, including cassia bark, coriander seeds and citrus peels, as well as the more unusual, like mint leaves from the Lebanon, which really give a standout freshness and flavor. Daffy’s is bottled at 43.3% - a very specific strength.

Any higher, and it’s too punchy and flavors burn away. Any lower, and it’s too diluted, with flavors lost. It took 400 recipes to find the perfect blend of botanicals and strength, and this is it.
Daffy's Gin Flavor Spiraltm
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