The Craigenllachie website proudly says that their Whisky is "meanty, with a touch of brimstone" and if you don't like it you should move on. So what gives?

Brimstone is another word for sulpher, right? Well, a lot of stills and other distillation equipment is made of copper for a reason. When fermenting grains - especially barley - loose sulpher molecules are release left alone, these taste really bad - like rotten hardboiled eggs. Copper acts like a catalyst that helps the sulpher react with other chemical compounds until it improves the flavor as opposed to hurting it.

Most distillers think the more copper the better. But at Craigenllachie they cut down the amount of copper is the cooling tubs. This means that the is still a bit of sulpher floating around, and you can taste it. It's just enough to add a rich "meat-like" note to the Whisky, but not so much that it becomes unpleasant.

When properly aged, the lighter, fuit notes of a classic Highlander come more forward and you will still get a litttle toffee and cream. But the complexity and unique flavor has been known to inspire some to call it "chewy" as well.
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