About Us

What is Flaviar?
Flaviar is a club of spirits lovers and enthusiasts who want to discover new drinks. To help in this quest, we send our members a tasting box of new and exciting flavours every month.
We're very, very, very, very... arrrrrrr obsessed with awesome drinks and passionate about connecting those that like to be flaviarized (we just made this one up; it means something like experiencing all sorts of flavours together with your friends). Of course we are a part of a bigger mission: change the way people drink, eat, taste. Nice!
Technologists, entrepreneurs, foodies, chefs, designers, DJs, filmmakers… These are just some of the folks who love what we're doing. We appreciate that a lot! Because we strongly believe that quality and honest intentions matter, and that drinks should be enjoyed in good company and with style. What you drink is who you are and your home bar reflects that. By creating the opportunity for you to try out drinks you otherwise wouldn't or couldn't, we help you discover new remarkable drinks. There's so much more than Jack & Cola. Let's raise the bar a little bit.
How does it work?
Flaviar allows you to experience the best spirits from all over the world at a fraction of the regular price, helping you discover new drinks and promote a better and healthier way of enjoying drinks. Every month Flaviar members receive a hand-picked spirits box of three premium flavours (Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Grappa, Tequila,...) selected by our experts and industry professionals. We also run special time limited offers for our members from time to time.
STEP 1: Subscribe, get a tasting box and enjoy the carefully curated drinks we deliver every month. Yummy!
STEP 2: Invite your friends and organize Flaviar tasting party. FYI, one tasting box is enough for 3 people.
STEP 3: Organize myBAR. Add and rate drinks you OWN, you have TASTED or really WANT to taste.