Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

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A fitting tribute to The Colonel’s time as a grain trader Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., often referred to as 'The Colonel' was a man of many hats.

He was related to the 12th U.S. president, played a vital part in the passing of the Bottled-in-Bond law, as well as owning several distilleries (and, since we mentioned them, a cool collection of top hats). An all-around gentlemanly gent, no doubt! And if you’re going to name something after one of the fathers of modern Bourbon, it better deliver. Today, the line of Taylor Bourbons are owned by the Sazerac Company and distilled in their famous Buffalo Trace facility. Make no mistake, this is one of their premium brands and they made sure to do right by the Colonel.

This limited edition 'gimmick' Four Grain Bourbon is based on a mash bill of corn, rye, wheat and malted barley. It's inspired by the Colonel's time during the Civil War when he worked as a grain trader. During that time he learned lots of stuff. Especially that grains need to come from the same farmers and harvest in order to maintain consistency and superior quality. That's why we bet he'd be extra proud of this Bourbon, especially after its 12 years of aging. And since this one is Bottled-in-Bond, meaning that the liquor comes from a single distillation season, one distiller and one distillery. Just what the Colonel fought for.
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    Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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    United States
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    NAS (Press release states 12 Years)

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malted barley
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Bourbon was designated "The Official Spirit of America" by an Act of Congress signed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Rose gold

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Floral with plenty of fruits and a hint of vanilla and oak.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Sweet and fruity with vanilla and caramel, yet with some spicy notes.

Oaky and slightly warm finish.
Ratings & Reviews
Very nice bourbon, very balanced. The price advertised here is ridiculous however. If you can find at a decent price, it's a good one. But not at the price here.
Are you crazy putting it at this price? Way to make it accessible to the average drinker. Is this really on the same level as Pappy 12?
Great whiskey. But not for that price. That’s not what I paid for it. It was close to retail to be honest.
I don't know about the price...however, it's easily the most balanced bourbon I've had. As you bring it to your lips you get a whiff of nutty vanilla. The sweetness of the rye pops in at the perfect moment and it finishes simply, begging you to take another sip.
Ummm why TF is this so expensive???
Great Bourbon with a smooth finish
Favorite bourbon ever. Incredible complexity, wonderful mouthfeel.
Solid Bourbon for when the favorites aren't directly available.
It is an outstanding, creamy, Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has an aromatic birth with notes of caramel, hints of sweet vanilla, caramel corn, smoke & oak tannins; while a smooth & balanced life adds notes of corn, rye, wheat, malted barley & charred oak, that leads to a rich death with notes of fresh fruit & port.
Very good not as smooth but a nice rich finish.
Wow. Different than anything I have drank before. Very complex with caramel leather and a slight nuttiness.
Perfect Balance. Col. Taylor's 4 Grain Offering has something for everyone. Deeply complex with barely a hint of smoke, the smooth texture and mouthfeel give way to a medley of grain flavors on the first sip that give you characteristics from each part of the mash bill, while other spirits end up relying heavily on a single flavor note. Rye is present but not overpowering, with the sweet corn bourbon notes as well as the texture and flavor of barley and wheat liquors. Honestly I'm not sure how they managed to balance all 4 so well! This is best neat or with extremely limited splash of water, don't waste any of the flavors by drowning them out! Deserving of the 2017 Jim Murray award without a doubt!
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