Founded in 1820
Coleraine Distillery was located in the town of Coleraine, on Newmarket Street. The distillery was converted from an old mill in 1820. It was one of the two malt distilleries in Ireland by then. In 1845, it delivered the London House of Commons, so they put "HC" on the labels of its bottles.

Under the management of Robert A. Taylor, it was known to be one of the most meticulous distilleries ever. No Whisky was bottled under 10 years old.

The distillery was bought out by the Boyds of the Bushmills Distillery in 1933 and stopped production in 1938, due to the war. After the war, installation of a new still was a new hope for the distillery, though production stopped for good in 1978.

Coleraine was highly regarded for its malt Whisky. After 1950's distillery went on working on grain Whiskies for Bushmills until 1978.

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    New Market Street, Coleraine Ireland
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Jim Murray sadly comments on the distillery as: "a sad loss, not only for distilling in Ulster, but for the Irish whiskey industry in general."

Coleraine had always used "Whisky" instead of "Whiskey," which is the general usage of the word in Irish.

The malt Whisky from the distillery was highly appreciated and now classified as "rare." If you find one, you don't wanna miss it.
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